Re:Down® by NATURTEX® recycles down and feathers extracted from post-consumer goods, to be re-used as filling material in clothes, sleeping bags and bedding products.

With this product line we only use down and feathers from pre-existing goods, with no new input from animal sources. Our raw material comes from textile waste, and not as a by-porduct of the food industry, therefore utilising the best of existing resources instead of using new ones!

Re:Down® by NATURTEX® uses the most enviromentally friendly methods to recycle down and feathers.

Our recycling process uses:

1. less water compared to virgin down

2. no chemicals

3. 30% of solar electricity


A complete range of sizes is available.

– BCI cotton
– GOTS cotton (organic)

– 15% recycled down/85% recycled feather
– 30% recycled down/70% recycled feather
– 50% recycled down/50% recycled feather
– 70% recycled down/30% recycled feather
– 80% recycled down/20% recycled feather